Somewhere Behind EP

by Greylines

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released January 27, 2012

Vince Ratti: Skylight Studios
Art: Josh Deivert



all rights reserved


Greylines Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania Rock

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Track Name: Blind Mind
One by one they’re stricken blind and broken
In a portrait of conformity they’re frozen
They think they’re thinking what they think right when the
invisible machine has spoken and they

Fall in line to the beat of a drum
until they're voiceless and numb
just killing time
Poisoned their heads with the lies they’ve been fed
believing them as they're said
never asking why
Afraid of the voices that bring the dark to life
They’ll never understand what they never try to find

They’re all afraid
to walk alone down an untraveled path of pain
But I’ll wait out in the rain
with every wonder and disbelief

Every time I look outside it’s all I fucking see
Empty minds and narrow eyes destroying everything
swallowing and following a cold complacency
raping meaning dry and feeding on the shallow certainty that they believe

One by one they’re stricken blind and broken
In a portrait of conformity they're frozen
They think they’re thinking what they think right when the
invisible machine has spoken and they

Hide away
senseless and fake
always surrounding me but I’m not going to brake
I want to scream
until I can’t breath
my eyes roll back into my head and my ears bleed

It’s spreading slowly
A wasted life and a hallow death
It’s spreading slowly
It’s going to spread until there’s no one left
Track Name: Sunday
I’m in the basement again
Footsteps and voices pierce the floor above my head
But they won’t find my ears this way
They're being silenced by the unrelenting rain
It won’t go away

Thunder and lightning cast themselves high
onto the stairs that I have just begun to climb
A quest of question, a storm of uncertainty
Seeking an answer that will kill me

But this rain won’t go away
because alleluias fade
Maybe this world is not conclusion
but narcotics wont control
the wonder gnawing my soul

And I’ll cry those old lies
no more I’m sure
I need more than faith
For now I’ll think and wait

Maybe you’ll see me on Sunday
dressed and believing with my eyes
Yea I’ll be on my knees Sunday
silently screaming in my mind
Track Name: Casket Closed
So let your restless sleep remind you once again
it’s really gone, it’s really dead
but there’s no rest or peace
for the painful memories
that scream and bleed inside of you
They’re haunting

Now everything behind you won’t let you move ahead
Your guilty stare reminds you of the last words that you said
Look closely at them, are they really what you meant?
They’re coming now to pull your heart straight from your chest
So rest in peace
the one who set me free
the lying fiend
whose finally found defeat
And I’ll set fire to the desperate pain you tried to save
then watch it fucking burn and throw the ashes in the grave

You’ll see my face welcome the sunrise and I’ll throw the ashes in the grave
Throw the ashes in the grave
Track Name: Interlude
You were the coldest winter
now it’s hard to picture you
The mistakes you’ve stumbled through
are behind me with the truth
Track Name: Reflection
Staring straight past myself, I’m none of my concern
I’ve got a lot on my mind, but a lot to learn
What’s behind me is what I see, bitter and better days
I’ve been staring in the mirror through a troubled face

It all seems the same when I look away

Everyday I’m amazed by what I see
Days align, drift behind, and follow me
These ironic reflections linger and sway
Find meaning in the mirror while you…

Waste away
I’ll waste away
(Let your mind do the talking for a second and listen)
Waste away
I’ll waste away
(No sense in hiding from your eyes
No sense in hiding what’s inside)
Waste away
I’ll waste away

There’s no telling what I’ll see
when the mirror frames the back of me
I’ll disappear and return like a haunting memory
Bones and ashes syncopating slowly

Waste waste away
(The past waits in a one sided window
it holds the face of a murdered child
Following fallen leaves as the wind blows,
his eyes are frozen and his mind is tired)

Staring straight past myself, I’m none of my concern
I’ve got a lot on my mind but a lot to learn
Track Name: Basterd
I’ve been known to hide my time
in my head
Days and nights in hind sight
all gone all dead
Giving up on trying
to remember what life was like
before we started dying

There are things I’ll never know
Rivers run and breezes blow
Questions line my bloody throat
Is life a river or a road?
No one leaves it all behind
We’re chained to our disasters
Can you hear me? Nevermind
I know that I’m a bastard

What will it take for me to come clean?
I’m leaning on you while you’re burying me
Somewhere behind me the smoke filled my lungs
and I started drowning, I’m so careless I’m numb

Why must I be so afraid
to shed my
youthful skin and then embrace
a grey sky
None of it makes sense to me
Lightning and thunder
Hope is but a bitter shade
and I’m just a number

Days are carved into a stone
Read my name, fuck my story
Unafraid to die alone
Crying pride, complacent glory
Boys are buried deep in men
and I’m too hard to hear him screaming
I’ll just stain the air again
breathing skyward without meaning
(chorus again)
Inside of me, promises repeat
I’m wading the deep in a sunless shroud
Falling asleep, dying to dream
sinking away from the surface down

Sink to float, self-imposing
Purge to bloat, graced in closing
Track Name: The Wait
It’s a never ending day, but it’s almost over
Daylight rises just to fade, the end is growing closer
Get away get away get away from me
The room is empty and I’m scared of what I see

The sky is cynical and grey above the road I’m walking
and I’ve got so much I could say to you, but I’m not talking
If you’ve been saved, you’ve been saved go ahead and pray
Just stay away stay away because I’ve lost my faith

And I’ll just watch as the days
grow dark and fade
into nights of pain
so I can wander aimlessly through my tormented brain and

Wait out my days
until death makes
an answer so clear
Wait, is this my fate?
A cheerful grave
that says I’m alone here

Wait, it’s too late
I can’t be saved
so fall heavens tears
Wait stay awake
and tell me please
if I’m alone here

And if I’m not alone here
(I’ve got nothing left to say)
And if we’re not alone here
(Let the life around me fade)
And if I’m not alone here
(I suppose that you should)
take me away

And cry me a lullaby
make it a sad one
I’ll welcome my last sleep
and if I wake up
covered in endless flames
then I will believe
Track Name: Storm
I’ve sat inside, I’ve been afraid
of children sent to open graves
of trust exposed for lies to break
that death will take someone else away

So let the clouds cover my sky
and leave the ground below them waiting
Then comes the thunder bringing grayness to my eyes
I’m walking out the front door because I know this storm is mine

I’m outside drowning in the rain
The rain is watering my pain
It grows inside of me, my soul is left to waste
Face down my body floats away
from the sun into the blackness
fallen and broken death has begun
Answers to questions and reasons
there are none